Jun 6, 2017
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Make a Platformer Game in Construct3 (Part 7 of 10: Adding Sub-Events)

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In our seventh part of our 2D Platformer Game tutorial you will learn how to add sub-events to events. Sub-events are ways to give more conditions to an event happening in your game than just a simple single event. Its like layering multiple conditions onto each other to make sure that some action happens only when multiple conditions are met. This tutorial begins where Part 6 left off.

This is a video tutorial format but if you want the text and image-based tutorial just go to Scirra’s Platformer tutorial.

Difficulty Level: Medium
Time: This episode = 8 minutes, Total game = About 2 hours

What you’ll need: Click here to get all the images and tiles you will need for the tutorial. Also, if you wish, you can play a finished version of the game you will create.

This video tutorial series is broken into about 10 different videos based on topic. This is to make it easier for you to jump to a specific topic if you need a refresher or if you just want to skip something. Each video is about 5-20 minutes long. Enjoy!

Part 8: Interacting with Enemy Sprites

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